Friday, 16 January 2015

Snuggle Scarf and Sampler Cushion

I'm a frustrated knitter.  

One of the problems I have is that I can't follow a pattern.  I'm knitting pattern dyslexic.  All those symbols dance around, sending my head into a tailspin.  Arrrrgh!!

Having said that, I am DETERMIND to conquer my pattern-phobia without having to steal an Enigma machine to crack all that odd knitting code. 

Until then going is 
s - l - o - w.

Taking mere years I managed to complete a sampler cushion.  I used the baby yarn I'd had to abandon when my son grew faster than the jumper I was knitting him.  It's make and shade are lost in the mists of time.

Bertie being a cheeky monkey.
You just can't get the staff.
There was still some of the original baby yarn left and I owed him a wearable so I thought even I could manage a scarf.  

Turns out I was wrong.  I got bored, stopped knitting and sewed some soft fleece onto the back and made it into a neck warming loop.  

Behold - The Snuggle Scarf!

It has some great design features (ahem...):

a) It's double thickness so is super warm,
b) It appeals to my son's love of soft, snuggly things, and
c) It won't fall off and get lost in a puddle in the school playground!

A knitting win, I think ;).
Years in the making, but now I can die happy in the knowledge I've knitted something and actually finished it!
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  1. I love your sampler cushion what a great idea! Is it from a pattern?

    1. Thanks Elaine! It's from 'The Knitting & Crochet Bible' by Claire Crompton and Sue Whiting. The most user friendly book I've found for someone allergic to patterns.