Friday, 18 December 2015

Tula Pink-Green Quilt

I've only managed two quilts this year - one finished in January and now this one in December.  What a nice way to bookend 2015.

This is my second quilt-as-you-go quilt and I'm more and more enamoured of the technique as time goes by.  Last time I quilted each block as I went.  This time I quilted complete width strips (two blocks by ten).

I used random lines so that the effect wasn't spoiled by the quilting not meeting up at each join.  

The benefit of sewing entire batting strips together instead of individual blocks is that I only ever had to sew two thicknesses of batting together and avoided having to sew pre-joined blocks, like I had to in my last project, below:

There's a place called Pink Green in Worcestershire and every time we drive past the signpost my son has hysterics :).  In honour of Tula Pink and a place so amusing it always brings a smile to my face I dub this 'The Tula Pink-Green Quilt'.  It's just taken up residence at it's new home, with my little brother. Happy birthday you old git!