Thursday, 29 January 2015

Friday, 23 January 2015

Fassett-ed Jewels Quilt

I've had a great time scouring the fabric sales this January. The last time I got such fabulous bargains I made this string quilt, back in 2013.

This shy retiring little number was supposed to be ready for my friend's birthday in July.  She eventually got it as a Christmas present!  It seemed to take an age to piece together but I'm thrilled with the overall effect so I'd love to make another one day.

It was the first time I'd used a paper foundation and it was really liberating not having to be so exact with the measurements.  I'm a very nervous cutter!

Johanna loves teal, mustard and jewel colours so I went to town with plenty of rich, vibrant fabric.  And when it was all 50% off, why not? 
There's a smidgen of Amy Butler's 'Sun Glow' from her Lark range.  There's a dash of Tula Pink's 'Tree of Life'.  There's a smattering of Valori Well's 'Cocoon' range and a good dollop of various Kaffe Fassett prints and stripes.  However the whole thing is positively dripping with bargain Liberty Art fabrics. Most of them are paisley prints.  I bloody love paisley!  
The vast majority - if not all - off these were also designed by Kaffe Fassett.  That guy really is the King of Colour!

The Liberty Art prints included:
Brighton Bell
Paisley Lozange
Paisley Babooshka 
Paisley Rustic
Forget Me Not
Mayfair Mosaic Flower
Punk Stripe
Marylebone Frilly
Paisley Cravat - this was also the backing.
Excuse the blur - all that colour sent me giddy.
I bound it with a black solid to frame it. 

Now what will I make with this year's bargains? Hmm... 

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Friday, 16 January 2015

Snuggle Scarf and Sampler Cushion

I'm a frustrated knitter.  

One of the problems I have is that I can't follow a pattern.  I'm knitting pattern dyslexic.  All those symbols dance around, sending my head into a tailspin.  Arrrrgh!!

Having said that, I am DETERMIND to conquer my pattern-phobia without having to steal an Enigma machine to crack all that odd knitting code. 

Until then going is 
s - l - o - w.

Taking mere years I managed to complete a sampler cushion.  I used the baby yarn I'd had to abandon when my son grew faster than the jumper I was knitting him.  It's make and shade are lost in the mists of time.

Bertie being a cheeky monkey.
You just can't get the staff.
There was still some of the original baby yarn left and I owed him a wearable so I thought even I could manage a scarf.  

Turns out I was wrong.  I got bored, stopped knitting and sewed some soft fleece onto the back and made it into a neck warming loop.  

Behold - The Snuggle Scarf!

It has some great design features (ahem...):

a) It's double thickness so is super warm,
b) It appeals to my son's love of soft, snuggly things, and
c) It won't fall off and get lost in a puddle in the school playground!

A knitting win, I think ;).
Years in the making, but now I can die happy in the knowledge I've knitted something and actually finished it!
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Friday, 2 January 2015

Stones' Throw (to keep the stones warm at night)

Happy New Year!

I'm chock-full of mindless optimism at the start of each New Year, so bring it on 2015!  I'm ready for you!

I've got a plethora of projects on the go but when you're knee-deep in unfinished stuff and your 'to-do' list is as long as your arm I think it's encouraging to take stock of all the things that have been crossed off.

This is 'The Stones' Throw'.  I made it for a friend who, as a child, used to worry that the stones in the garden would get cold at night.

The first book I bought on quilting was Elizabeth Hartman's 'The Practical Guide to Patchwork'.  I used the 'Small Plates' pattern (see her original here) to make my own square in square quilt.

As you can see, I'm all about the patchwork and the quilting is very, er, basic.  

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Wishing you all a magnificent 2015.