Friday, 12 December 2014

Bertie's Printed Christmas Cards

Bertie, my seven year old son, is autistic.  He finds holding a pen a bit tricky, so he loved printing lots and lots of copies quickly!

Bertie's printing equipment.
Bertie drew a picture of a Christmas tree on a piece of paper and I traced over it onto the polystyrene disc that came with a pizza.  Once the image was scored into the polystyrene Bertie used a roller to coat the 'plate' with red acrylic paint.  

Each print came out slightly different, but all of them have made lovely Christmas cards for his family and friends!
'Christmas Tree with Present' by Bertie, aged 7

Friday, 5 December 2014

Soul Blossoms Quilt

It all started with a charm pack...

I live round the corner from The Cotton Patch and went in for a perv at all the seductive fabric they have just lying around, wantonly purring 'buy me! Buy me!"  

Now I don't have much in common with Oscar Wilde but I can't resist temptation and I just had to have Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms range in its entirety right that very second.  A charm pack seemed the only way.

I'd never made a quilt before so it seemed an impossible task to turn those sweet little squares into a usable object.  To be honest there was zero planning involved - I just started sewing. 

Right from the off the effervescence of the prints and the bright pink tones made me think of my best buddy.  

It was a big rush and I was sewing the last piece of binding just as he walked up the path, but I made it.  I was worried he'd think 'What the hell is this?' but he was so touched he burst into tears!  

Bound with Amy Butler's Sari Blooms

He signed the letter
"All yours, 
Babooshka, Babooshka, Babooshka-ya-ya!"

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