Friday, 16 October 2015

New Home Card

I'm not one for card making - the materials are expensive and the results (or at least my results) can be a bit iffy.  However...I'm on an economy drive (with Christmas galloping towards us at great speed) so i decided that I'd use stuff I already had and attempt to make a really personal New Home Card for my best buddy and his husband.

They've just moved from South London to Leicestershire and I'm going over for lunch tomorrow so I needed to crack on with my card.  I can't pretend it's great art, but it is a mini portrait of their house so I'm hoping they'll overlook the faults.  Hey, they're too polite to be rude so I'm sure they'll say they like it even if they don't!

The original...just LOOK at that garden.  I wonder if they want a lodger?

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